The Changing Seasons ~ Today Below Wenlock Edge, Rambling Through Westhope And Easthope


Today was a golden day – not a breath of air and the landscape lit up by the oak trees that still have their leaves. Here are some glimpses, then, of my corner of Shropshire on a late November afternoon.








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Cardinal Guzman: The Changing Seasons

30 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons ~ Today Below Wenlock Edge, Rambling Through Westhope And Easthope

  1. Looks delightful. I do miss those Shropshire hills. But I am hoping that we get a blue sky day down here soon so I can have a walk on a beach. Today though was back to steely grey.

  2. Beautiful, especially liked the one with the leaves framing the top of the photo, and the tree with the moss halfway up, but they were all lovely country vistas.

  3. If I hadn’t known better, I’d have thought you were in Vermont. Sometimes, I realize why this area is called “New England.”

    Beautiful. Really. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget how lovely this time of year can be.

    1. It can be spectacular, between the dank and frigid spells, can’t it. I don’t remember us being quite so colourful so late before. As I was taking the pix I was also thinking of New England. too

    1. Grey? that’s not how I imagine you πŸ™‚ But yes the colours over here this year have been special, a long slow leaf-drop. But I guess even those stalwart leafy oaks might give in to a stiff frost.

  4. This is the kind of fall I dream about, Tish. and today would have been a good one in which to tour the countryside. The fields in your photos are still so green. Even though our weather has been unseasonably mild, I doubt I’d come across near as much greenery in our fields. Won’t be long now before all we see is white.

    1. All over frost this morning. The greenery in the fields is winter wheat popping up. I’m sure it didn’t used to sprout so early. My memory of winter is bare ploughed fields. These days they rarely seem to be empty.

  5. Ah – seasons touch our soul – and the tree shots here were some of my favs – the looking up at all the variety (light – texture – foliage – etc) and then the ones with line design and silhouette….
    Beautiful weather to soak up and share….

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