It’s in the stones: messages from alien ancestors?



I discovered these rocks on Seaton Beach when were down in Cornwall at Christmas. My attempts to find some sensible information about the geology have so far proved fruitless. So I’m just going with my initial interpretation – that here we have a mythic precursor to runic script left by some race of Northern Giants.

But what are they telling us? Have they left us instructions on how to find a parallel universe? Or could these be warnings to mankind to take better care of the earth? Or maybe they are the crossings-out of an infant Northern Giant learning to write. Can anyone out there crack the code before the rising sea levels claim them?


This my response to Meg’s ‘calligraphy’ challenge. She is Paula’s guest at this week’s Thursday’s Special.

32 thoughts on “It’s in the stones: messages from alien ancestors?

  1. I expected something as splendid and ancient from you, Tish. Meg will love it too. Thank you so much for joining in. Have a great weekend!

  2. I’m ever inclined to see creatures in rock, especially like this one. I imagine them morphing into other creatures and things, always with wisdom and influence on us. I’m hooked on writing a story, Cat Rock, from letters my grandfather sent my grandmother when courting her. He lived at Cat Rock, a formation that resembles a “Halloween cat”. I’m not progressing very fast. Your image reminds me to revisit the story. Thanks!

  3. Our area, the banks of the Fraser River, Lower Mainland, B.C., Canada, is full of such stones, with the same sort of lines criss-crossing them. I’ve studied them and I think they are “simply” the result of molten lava running down cracked boulders, filling in the cracks, solidifying and “welding” themselves to the harder stone over the millennia. As for ancient script, well that possibility does exist, of course. Have you ever seen stones with what appears to be a type of “Chinese script” in them? They too are quite common here. Then there’s the ones that resemble a night sky, or a galaxy… or even storm clouds. Messages from the past, in stones and rocks? Well, however you look at it, whether aliens, or nature, yes, they are messages. The main one is, “Don’t you recognize beauty when you see it, and isn’t it worth protecting?”

  4. Brilliant response to Meg’s challenge, Tish! And I have visited Seaton a few times in the past, but never noticed those rocks!

  5. ”And in times to come,Little One, this will be called the M56, and this line here will be a toll road, and this will be roadworks, and these marks here are lorry drivers blocking two lanes protesting about something in Europe”
    ”And what’s this mark, Papa?”
    ”That’s made by a snail, and it looks like it is going faster than all those vehicles.”

  6. I thought that Meg had commented here on your calligraphy, but she did on her guest post. I agree with the way she described you as a prehistoric blogger 😀

    1. Now you really are going to have to explain that one, Bumba. But hang on. Are we in Germanic mode here – ghostly doodles??? I’m now imagining them with very long pointy fingers.

  7. Geology is interesting, but you need to learn a lot of scheist. Puns are a terrible thing. There’s a blog feature called pun of the weak.

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