Sun Through My Window ~ Thursday’s Special



For those in need of some summery brightness today, here are my allotment gladioli filled with August sunshine: transformed and transforming.


This Thursday’s Special challenge over at Paula’s is Backlit

Please drop in for more illuminated entries.

31 thoughts on “Sun Through My Window ~ Thursday’s Special

  1. A perfect execution, Tish and example. I love this creamy shade of yellow. It’s very welcome on a dull day like this, and today is Jupiter’s day and Jupiter prefers “yellow” or “orange”. 🙂

    1. Jupiter’s Day – now that has really cheered me up. Yellow and orange – also the third and second chakras respectively, and both about claiming one’s creative power. Way-hay!

  2. Looks very cozy on this dreary day. IS there nothing you don’t grow on your allotment? I tried glads once but found them hard work with all the staking etc.

    1. In one of my fits of haphazard gardening, I accidentally grew these at the end of the runner beans row (double booked planting space), and so they didn’t seem to need staking, although it was hard to extract some of them from the beans’ twisty twiny grip.

  3. I always like to guess whose post is which from Paula’s featured photos, Tish. I identified you today 🙂 Such lovely warmth! I did mine in two stages because as I galloped into town this morning I was thinking about Gilly’s beautiful haiku. I decided I could combine the two and, hey presto! 🙂

  4. What a lovely view and those flowers are just gorgeous Tish! You’ve captured them so well in the light. 🙂

    You can have more sun if you want. We have enough. LOL!

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