Turn of the year in my garden ~ Bench Series 50



This month Jude at Travel Words is giving us a free hand with our seating arrangements. Please hop over to her place at Bench Series #50 to take part in the challenge and to sample other bloggers’ seats of fancy.  My entry, I confess, is rather off-beam bench-wise, but it summons a sense of its place in my garden scheme of things. The bench itself is not very exciting to look at in real life, but it is a good place to sit. From it you can look out on our bit of guerrilla gardening behind the boundary fence, at the the field and the footpath beyond, and thence up at the big sky over Wenlock Edge. Back in the summer, as I came up the path from the allotment, I would  often find Graham sitting there, waiting to see what I was bringing home for supper. So yes. A good place to simply be.

copyright 2015 Tish Farrell

24 thoughts on “Turn of the year in my garden ~ Bench Series 50

  1. I look at a bench and think about the stories they can tell. How many people have enjoyed just being – and how many have had conversations of all sorts….For me, they are always inviting places. Thank you, Tish…have a lovely day. Janet:)

  2. What a wonderful bench photo and story, not to mention the asters(?) and the spider web. I love your bench Tish, beautifully framed and edited. One of my favourites.

  3. Amazing shot of the beautiful spider web Tish and it looks great in B&W. Love your bench story. I would sit there all day watching the web and see if there are any spiders. LOL!

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