24 thoughts on “Stand-in

      1. That crab apple pic was from last winter. The fact that it’s at the top of the post is a wordpress oddity. If I don’t write any text, the photos from the links to posts that wordpress ‘thinks’ are related to the new post become separated. For some reason the photos then appear at the top of the post, while the links remain at the bottom. Duh! It looks quite attractive, but causes confusion. I must remember to write some words next time I just want to post a pic.

      1. Excellent! That makes a very pleasant change I’m sure.
        The mercury has been nudging a bit past 30 for the past week down here. Even the fish are sweating.

      2. The nights are almost frosty here, but in the sun it’s blissful. Just the temps I like. I don’t do ‘hot’. Btw I’ve got a spider for you. I shall post it later in the week. A definitely incy wincy.

    1. Aquilegias (columbine) self sown. The deep mauve ones at the back have come out more blue than they are in real life. My camera does strange things with colour at the blue-mauve end of the spectrum.

      1. Hmmm, no. We must be looking at different posts, or all the photos are not opening due to crappy internet in Turkey. The things I’m looking at are some kind of bright red fruit.

      2. Ah, those are my Japanese crab apples. They’re in the middle on my screen. They are tiny but oh so beautiful, and deepen in colour through the autumn and winter. It may not be your internet so much as wobbly wordpress. If I don’t write any text with a photo, the pix from what wordpress consider to be related posts that usually appear at the bottom, somehow get detached from the links. I think the links are still at the bottom of the post.

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