22 thoughts on “Before your very eyes: change

  1. Wonderful images, Tish. Seeing those poppies reminds me of my childhood when my sister and I used to collect poppies from the corn field at the back of our house. We used to pretend that the middle bits were stamps and made patterns on paper, using an ink pad. 🙂

  2. Tish, you don’t know how much I loved seeing these. At our house in Cleveland, we had just a few poppies of this color, but I loved them and took many, many photos of them. None at our rental house, so I’m adopting yours.


  3. I can never get enough of poppies. Each phase of their development has its own interests and charms. I always make sure to collect the seeds and then throw them into the landscape. Let’s see where they’ll come up next year….

  4. The shot with the bees on the poppy is awesome… is that a compiled shot of the same bee or three attacking one all at once? 🙂 Either way, really lovely colors.

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