Bubble-heaven or alien invasion?


Following on my last post about the Bishop’s Castle Michaelmas Fair I thought more bubbles were called for. Because, well, everyone loves good bubbles, don’t they? They are not something you ‘grow out of’. Also the joy on the faces of the children was a pleasure to behold. With bubbles cascading every which way, the kids were in danger of bursting themselves, so brimming with excitement were they. Clearly hi-tech toys and expensive computer games can’t hold a candle to this kind of high-pitch, high-squeal-n-dash fun. Besides, what can be more magical than rainbow spheres filled with sunlight, and all emerging from something as mundane as a piece of soggy netting and a bucket. (My take on the Daily Post’s photo challenge GRID)


Tall Will The World’s Tallest Bubbleologist is the man casting his net filled with soapy water. (He’s six feet ten inches tall by the way). I think he’s a magician. He’s also a mean stilt-walker.



Where’s My backpack travel theme: move


26 thoughts on “Bubble-heaven or alien invasion?

  1. Love this. I have a three year old friend, who I always take bubbles to. By the way a great place to purchase them, along with all sorts of fun blowers is Tiger…..:) this from a very big kid……Janet

  2. That first photo!!! Appreciative wordlessness descends. I love bubbles. I first saw them in Ljubljana – one chased a little boy around the square: he was a bit frightened I think. I also watched with amusement adults putting out their hands to catch a bubble, but acting surreptitiously as if the hand didn’t belong to them. You’ve given me huge pleasure with this post. All your photos are superb.

  3. Fun post and nice choice for the challenge. This made me smile. I’d like to become a proficient bubbleologist one day.

    Kids like fun, the cost isn’t important. That’s why the box is sometimes more interesting than the toy within it.

  4. Tall Will looks like a giant among all the kids and I love how you have caught the sparkles in the bubbles, like diamonds in the sky (with Lucy!!!) A very happy post.

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