22 thoughts on “Beautiful in Black & White ~ Wenlock Edge in Winter

  1. These are lovely images.

    And while things cool down over there, they are beginning to hot up over here!
    Over in Portugal, my B.I.L. drives a truck, and today he managed to connect his cellphone up to his GPS on his dashboard and we’ve just been treated to a live drive from Porto to his last port of call. It was marvelous, and the weather is still warm over there: sun shining, hardly a cloud in the sky.

  2. It almost looks as if you’re one northern hemispherean not mourning the passing of summer. That can’t be right. Great shots in b&w – I wouldn’t have predicted this. They capture mood, which come to think of it is more elegiac than ecstatic.

    1. Elegaic, yes that’s what my mood was when I posted the photos. The summer’s been so strange, I find I am looking forward to winter – as long as it doesn’t rains for months like much of last year.

  3. by now I can recognize a post by you from the pictures. the first picture is superb. A friend of mine told me years ago that she prefers landscape over portrait format as the eye has more to explore. She had quite an influence on me. I tries to imagine how a landscape version would look like.

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