Mara Dawn, Lewa Sundown: Monochromatic Africa


In winter at the Equator, Africa comes in many kinds of monochrome. At first light all is sepia. This lioness was captured at dawn in the Maasai Mara. She is watching out for hyena that are moving in on the Marsh Pride’s kill.

At sundown  in Lewa, in Northern Kenya, all is old gold as these kudu stop for a moment before melting away into the thorn scrub. Did we really see them?




21 thoughts on “Mara Dawn, Lewa Sundown: Monochromatic Africa

    1. Thank you, Pauline. Actually I keep thinking of your photo of the Taj Mahal posted on the 5 stories 5 photos challenge: there’s just been a brilliant BBC series on the Treasures of the Indus with Dr Sona Dutta, and naturally the Taj Mahal cropped up in the Mughal Dynasty episode.

      1. That is quite a compliment that you remembered that post Tish and yes it was very monochromatic in the mist.BBC documentaries are so good we’ve just been watching one on Greek art.

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