Eclipsed in Much Wenlock on World Happiness Day and Taking a Solar Selfie

100_5065 Here I am on top of Windmill Hill, Much Wenlock’s landscape landmark, and this is the only way I could see the partial eclipse – with my back to it, and camera at the ready. We had such clear skies, and the sun was so bright that we remained bathed in sunshine throughout this cosmic event, although it did seem very cold. Lots of people who were out walking their dogs had gathered  at the windmill too, one lady monitoring the process through a pin-hole viewer. This is the scene before me as I take the photo over my shoulder: windmill and pointer. Had the eclipse actually happened? P1000779 P1000764 P1000788 Aftermath. I caught the sun in the trees as I walked home across the Linden Field. This, incidentally, was the place where the Much Wenlock Olympian games were, and are still held every year. They were devised in 1850 by the town’s physician and herbalist, Doctor William Penny Brookes, and went on to inspire the founding of the modern Olympic Movement. Windmill Hill provided the natural viewing platform where spectators sat to watch the events. See how this little town of ours spread its good hearted influence around the world. Wishing everyone joy on this, International Day of Happiness   #eclipse #International Day of Happiness

23 thoughts on “Eclipsed in Much Wenlock on World Happiness Day and Taking a Solar Selfie

  1. Thank you ! – so interesting – we saw nothing, because of hevay clouds – plus mist -Simply, it bacame darker and darker … then as usuel by gray weather… – ( and we were confortable, at home ! )- Have a nice evening…

  2. Having been introduced to Much Wenlock by you, I always enjoy hearing news about this magical place, and am glad to see you had a go at recording the eclipse:)
    Have wonderful weekend. Janet. 🙂

  3. I did know about the forthcoming eclipse, Tish; but I knew nought of the International Day of Happiness. Bummer If I’d known, I would’ve posted about it. Sighh …
    The trouble with being a recluse is that you never know nuthin that’s going on.
    BIG sighh …

    1. I only found out by accident too. It’s a shame it’s not more widely celebrated. Probably cos there isn’t any commercial incentive so far attached to same. Happiness and lack of shopping does not compute in the World According to Big Corp 🙂 Nothing wrong with being a recluse either.

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