Thinking of Zanzibar


Zanzibar is of course famous as a spice island. The Omani Sultans once made fortunes from their clove plantations there. And while saffron, I am sure, is not one of the local commodities, Stone Town at sunset seems bathed in a saffron light. It is the kind of light that makes you wonder if you are awake or dreaming.




I have written more about the island HERE and Swahili Culture HERE



Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo Challenge: Saffron

28 thoughts on “Thinking of Zanzibar

  1. These are really gorgeous. I am so drawn to your first image. The building and car, that have clearly worn over the years, yet still feel very much alive. The lighting looks hot and peaceful. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Zanzibar does it for me too, word-wise. I think you would fill masses of sketch books if you went there, Janet. A perpetual state of sensory overload probably sums up visitor experience on the island. I did not mention the scents of spices and jasmine…

  2. Memories of Zanzibar will always stay in my mind. It was three years ago, but I still can describe the feeling when I got lost in Stone Town (which I enjoyed, by the way), ate amazing food at Forodhani Garden, watched sunset while children played and jumped in the water, observed fishermen coming and going, and many more. I wish I could come back someday..

  3. I’d love to visit this place, the pictures are stunning, rich with art and nature. I really like the saffron color light… beautiful 🙂

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