Going All Symmetrical At Portmeirion





Surely only a wizard could have conjured this  place – or so I thought, aged six, when we, the Ashford family first made pilgrimage to Portmeirion on the North Wales coast.

Story continues with more photos at Arch Wizard of Wales: Clough Williams-Ellis “Architect Errant”

32 thoughts on “Going All Symmetrical At Portmeirion

  1. I love the reflections on the door. I love taking pictures of reflections in water and glass and love looking at those done by others. I love water shots where it’s hard to tell which end ought to be up 🙂 These are all beautiful.

      1. Well a polyester version that it. I don’t think polyester had been invented back in The Prisoner days. No one could anyway be as cool as No 6 back then, could they? These days there is also an annual No 6 festival at Portmeirion. V popular.

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