Black & White Sunday


Today Paula’s guest blogger over at Lost in Translation is Debbie Smyth who many will know from her own blog Travel with Intent. Today she is setting us the challenge to ‘let the shapes shine through’. This is what she says:


For me the most important point about monochrome is that by removing the distraction of colour, the photographer is able to direct the viewer to the key elements of the image.  Going monochrome is one of several tools we have as a photographer that allows us to provide focus.

The composition of my own photo is perhaps a little ‘busy’ in this B & W version (it could have done without the pole), but I like the play of light on the dhow sails, the clouds, and Lali’s straw hat. It was taken in Manda Strait, in Kenya’s Lamu archipelago.

For the story behind the photo, please go HERE. But now here are more versions. The second one down is a ‘red filter’ edit, followed by sepia. Let me know what you think.

Scan-140801-0010 - Copy (2)

Scan-140801-0010 - Copy (2)

Scan-140801-0010 - Copy (2)

27 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday

  1. Hello Tish 🙂 I really like the “red filter” one best. Where did you capture this? The sailboat in the background makes this composition really cool. Sepia edit gives the seen a vintage look, and the first one screams summer (screams in a good way) Each of these images has its strength. I think your response to Debbie’s theme is fabulous!

    1. Why thank you kindly, Paula. The ‘red filter’ is an edit option in Windows Live Photo Gallery, which I use when writing my blog posts, and for pic editing. You can download it for free.

  2. Excellent combination of angles – I like the soft sepia tones of the last but red filter is good too. There is much to be said for removing the ‘distraction of colour’ – a fine phrase I am sure to repeat 🙂

    1. Thank you, Robin. Once I started looking, it was interesting to see just how many angles there were in the composition. I like the sepia one too, but they all tell different stories.

  3. There are times I like black and white photos. For this though, the pristine blue waters and almost cloudless sky come out so well in the coloured picture.

    1. What interests me about monochrome or B & W images is that they make you look at things differently. It’s almost as if the same image can tell a different story in different formats. How are you today, Noel? What’s it like with you weather-wise – hot?

      1. I’d love to join you for tea, though I might have missed the boat, and it will be cold by now. I like a splash of milk in mine but no sugar unless I’m drinking lovely estate Kenyan tea, which needs nothing but hot water added. Mm.

  4. “What interests me about monochrome or B & W images is that they make you look at things differently. It’s almost as if the same image can tell a different story in different formats…” – right, Tish, but sometimes the colour version looks very similar – here demonstrated by my black cat walking a new path through fresh snow…
    C = Cat (on the road again)

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