Autumn Leaves





Here are some more photos from our recent walk below Cadair Idris in Wales. For the full story of all we saw there: Now that summer’s done, we take the Dol Idris Path

Thanks to Ed at Sunday Stills for his prompt Fall Foliage


18 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves

  1. A radio poem inspired by the story of Alice Glaston, who at eleven years old, is the youngest person ever hung in England. Alice Glaston was hung from the gallows tree in Much Wenlock in Shropshire in 1545. On Radio 4 now! Thinking of your writing, Tish.

    1. Have listened to the Spirit Child twice today. So thanks again for telling me, Ian. Paul Evans is of course well known in the town, and writes (or did write) for the Guardian’s natural history column among other things. I loved the way he created the spirit of Alice moving through time and space, and conjuring so well the place where I live. It does send sparks through the creative brain cells.

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