The Day The Sun Fell Into Henllys Woods And Other Light Shows

Henllys Woods

It is said that the Druids faced their final battle with the Roman Army on the North Wales island of Anglesey in 60-61 AD. According to Tacitus, things did not end well for them and their sacred oak groves. [See my earlier post Island Of Old Ghosts]. Early on in the invasion of Britain, the island had become a refuge for resisting Celtic warriors, doubtless assuming that the Menai Strait would present an obstacle to the legions. (It didn’t).

But for the Druids – the seer-diviner-lore-keeper-law-makers of the community, I tend to wonder if it wasn’t the island’s more extraordinary characteristics that they drew on. The quality of the light for one, and especially in winter when the sun over sea and strait and mainland mountains creates some mesmerizing effects, even when caught in monochrome.

P1060396 - Copyc



Henlyss Woods 2

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Light

18 thoughts on “The Day The Sun Fell Into Henllys Woods And Other Light Shows

  1. Evocative photos, Tish.

    We could see Anglesey on clear days from school which was near the tiny village of St. George between Rhyl and Abergele. The Druids on Anglesey, despite their fate, represented courage and freedom; and that kept us going locked up there in the school rules!

    I can see how the quality of the light and the effects of the sea make Anglesey remarkable.

    1. That’s such a vivid impression you’ve created, Sarah. So physically confined, but on good days, looking far out to Ynys Mon. Light at the end of tunnels comes to mind 🙂

  2. Enjoyed your words and mood here and the photos really do have wonder as they depict “the sun over sea and strait and mainland mountains”

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