Fine Weather For The MacMoos…


When we’re popping to the shops, it’s always a treat to find the highland cattle in the Cutlins meadow. They come and go during the year, moved to other fields around the town. Sometimes we have members of the junior clan, sometimes the seniors, now and then a calf with mother and aunts. In summer we watch them flaked out, wherever they can find shade. In winter they seem much more spritely, or at least as spritely as a MacMoo ever gets. At the moment, with hoar frosty days, they are stoking up with plenty of hay – inside and out. They’re not tidy eaters.





The Cutlins footpath – ideal for MacMoo viewing

21 thoughts on “Fine Weather For The MacMoos…

  1. Their grazing like that on the hoar frost meadow is like me sprawled on the couch. If only I could eat like that too, and get away with it.

    1. Ha! Now I’m picturing you with hay in you beard. But then there is much to be said for all over sustenance. Are you still thawing in your neck of the woods? Here the temps struggle to get above zero for more than 5 minutes. We’re not used to this sustained frostiness, but are promised a bit of respite at the weekend. In the meantime, more Greek lentil soup on the Farrell menu.

      1. Cold here too! Colder than normal. And doing lots of lentils ourselves, more the Indian variety. Life is good. Glad to be warm. Be well friend!

  2. Still seasonably warm here which could mean storms are out there some where. Over night I understand and I don’t enjoy night time storms. The NOAH weather radio goes off too often with alerts and it upsets both myself and the dog.
    I would so enjoy talking to the MOOs.

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