Across The Gulf ~ Mirage Or Mountains?


I’m still not sure if the Taygetus mountains of the Mani Peninsula are fact or figment, and I stared at this view for an entire week – at daybreak, at twilight, in sun and in storm. Real or not, these mountains beckoned. And I was entranced. Still am, when I look at the photos. They were taken from Harakopio (Peroulia Beach) in Kalamata, Greece, overlooking the Gulf of Messenia.

I’ve read my Patrick Leigh Fermor (Mani: Travel in the Southern Peloponnese) which sets off most beguilingly, penetrating on foot this all but impenetrable mountain peninsula (that until recent times scarcely had a road into the interior), but then, after some stunning episodes, the account digresses into convoluted regional history that this reader found more uphill-going than the near-vertical terrain.  Still, it’s a book worth tackling for the magical inside-Mani experiences. It truly is.


But if the mountains have long kept people out, then it’s a different story for the coastal foothills. Some settlements along the shore, accessible only by sea, have been occupied since Mycenaean times, i.e. the Ancient Greek Bronze Age (c1750-1000 BCE). If you squint, you can see signs of humanity in the first photo.

But that’s enough of the prosaic. These scenes are just for dreaming.



Lens-Artists: the mountains are calling   This week Amy sets the challenge.

30 thoughts on “Across The Gulf ~ Mirage Or Mountains?

  1. what a view the owners of that final image have each day Tish!! Lovely mountains, must admit I’d not heard of them. Love the image with the sun’s rays especially

  2. Love these scenes, Tish! And PLFs prose style is beguiling – I went to Romania after reading ‘Between the Woods and the Water’ Alas, never made it to Mani….

  3. The mountains do actually look like a mirage, one of those books from the 20s and 30s where you set foot in the mountains and it’s half a millenia past because the world stopped? But the golden rayed sun, now THAT is magic!

  4. Fact ot figment…hard to tell. Your images are magical, Tish. The second one with clouds, mountains and sea…I could not leave it, my eyes kept going back to that one. Of course I love the sun shining through in the next image, but this one, the colours, the mood, the magic. Wonderful.

  5. Hi Tish
    The history of Arctic exploration is full of reflections seen as mountains. But for your fine pictures it doesn’t matter if it is some optical illusion or not. Every picture creates an illusion anyhow.
    Thanks for sharing.
    All the best
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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