Every Little Thing


Out on the line – an unexpectedly good drying day in February


This week at Lens-Artists, Amy asks us to show her things that make us smile. So here are some of the happenstance little-big things that, at various times, have caught my eye or otherwise brightened my day:


A neat little cloud traversing Townsend Meadow



Finding I’d grown a rather good cauliflower at the allotment



Spotted in the garden sage bush



Spring sun-catchers: crab apple flowers…



…that in autumn become perfect tiny apples



The Linden Walk in full summer leafiness



Lens-Artists: Every Little Thing

58 thoughts on “Every Little Thing

  1. Your beautiful images of these little things made me smile. 🙂 Love the good drying day, the smell is wonderful after it’s dried by sun. Always enjoy seeing your garden through your lens.
    Thank you, Tish!

  2. Moments of small pleasure – what could be better Tish?! It really is the little things than keep us going isn’t it? Your garden images are so lush they look good enough to eat!

  3. These are beautiful “little” things, Tish. There’s just something about air-dried laundry. I have a drying rack but oddly here there doesn’t seem to be much scent. When it’s really hot, the clothes almost seem to dry before I get back into the house. 🙂 But in our HOA (Homeowner Association) rules is one that says laundry can’t be seen by other houses. Thankfully having walls around the yards helps avoid that “horrible” thing but I think that’s ridiculous. That would never fly in Europe!!

  4. So many smiles, Tish! The ladybird is always a favourite with me. Those apples look like they’ve been polished. All good with you and his lordship?

  5. I love the lady bug tucked in and most likely munching on bugs you don’t want on your sage. I love the crab apple flowers and how the pink edges stand out, and I love the Linden walk. The little things are indeed the big things. Donna

  6. What a wonderful list! The smell of freshly washed laundry, a ladybird , garden produce, a walk in the serene green are among my favorites as well. Also your pictures are so vibrant and fantastic. Lovely post, Tish.

  7. A lovely assortment of little things. The ladybug and the cloud made me smile. I wish my cauliflower had turned out as beautifully as yours. The crab apple made me smile, too. We used to have a tree in our front yard, and I was very possessive of it when I was a toddler. I don’t think our tiny apples were as big and perfect as yours, but Grandma made delicious crab apple jelly from them.

  8. The linden are in their green tunnel glory
    And tish…. I think you get a go start today for making the cauliflower look so artsy!
    The way the leaf is in the middle etc –
    And it really did come out well

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