Spring Curves


Alder catkins catch the sun in the Linden Field


Spring came to Wenlock this week, both time-wise and weather-wise. We’ve had lunch in the garden three days running. Astonishing for March! Full-on sun and a general bursting of buds and blooms in every quarter. Even the moss on the garden steps has switched to hyper-green mode.

Over the road in the Linden Field there are prairies of wild garlic leaves just begging to be plucked for sauces and soups. In fact such  is the vegetative imperative of this particular plant, it’s to be found sprouting from the lime tree hollows on the Linden Walk. At the top of the field, under the oaks, the daffodils are at peak perfection. Also growing there are wood anemones, dog’s mercury, violets and primroses. Then beside the Cutlins path the horse chestnut trees are now a mass of sticky buds. And at home in the garden the white japonica is looking its serene best.






This week Ann-Christine at Lens-Artists asks us to show her curves.

Lens-Artists: Curves

41 thoughts on “Spring Curves

  1. Beautiful photos, Tish. I am looking forward to driving back to our northern home where Spring actually bursts forth. You have captured Spring so very well. Thanks for bringing a big smile to my life today.

      1. I don’t mind if it has. Just a shame for anyone who planned a sunshine break. 🙄💗 I’m back in the UK next weekend so you can be sure it’ll change 🤣☔💟

    1. This year it looks like the wild garlic is intent on taking over the town. Had a good handful of chopped leaves in the tomato and butter bean casserole last night.

  2. Lovely spring photos, Tish. That wild garlic sounds delicious. When we’re in Wyoming, we’ve found wild onions and I found them also in the park in Illinois. I used to buy primroses at a farmer’s market in Ohio in the spring and then I’d plant them outside. They were lovely. I really like the words “catkins” and “japonica.” 🙂

  3. lunch in the garden really does seem like a great way to get more out of spring and its arrival
    and I enjoyed the blooms and bits of life sprouting out as you showed us here

  4. What gorgeously spring-filled photos! I think my favourites are the wild garlic leaves contrasted with the rough bark and that beautiful wood anemone 😀

  5. Oh, Tish – thank you for bringing such lovely spring curves! You seem to have got them all by now, and ours are barely visible. But soon…

  6. We aren’t quite there yet. We are still at the end of winter, with occasional warm days, but mostly very cold nights and a lot of icy rain. But the birds are bringing lots of babies into our world and there are lots of shoots coming up in our so-called garden. Still, it’s too soon for planting anything. Not yet. Another two or three weeks until the magic really happens.

    1. We’ve slipped back into a cool spell this week, but not enough to stop things growing. And doing a bit of digging at the allotment is finally possible after a general drying out after weeks of rain. Wishing you springier days.

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