Quiet Hour In The Maasai Mara

Scan-140726-0005 (9)

Almost sunset and a good time for mamas to play with the children…

Scan-140726-0004 (8) - Copy - Copy


Or for lads to roll and loll…

Scan-140726-0003 (7)


Or a cheetah to snooze in the grass beside a mulului tree…




And then for humans to watch day’s end over the Mara plains…


Lens-Artists: Serene  This week Patti invites us all to stop and ponder on peaceful scenes. As ever,  these views are from the old Africa album.

25 thoughts on “Quiet Hour In The Maasai Mara

  1. All wonderful of course Tish. There is nothing quite like sunsets in Africa – I suppose because there is no ambient light or air quality issue to compete with them. Your images took me right back there so thank you very much for that. These creatures and the areas where they roam are so very special.

    1. Hi Beverly. They are rocks. This was the only spot in the Mara where we saw this particular geological phenomenon. I’m assuming it was the result of some long past volcanic eruption.

  2. I always love seeing your Africa images, which really capture the magic of the place! The cheetah is especially beautiful – what great shots you have of him!

  3. That’s such a lovely time of the day there. I recall driving at random, watching a single young lion gaze at the sunset, or a small family of giraffes loom over the horizon as they move slowly towards an acacia.

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