Red-rospective ~ From Seasons Past

100_3854 (2)

Red is a favourite colour, so I’m  sorry I’ve not posted more ‘red’ shots for Jude’s Life in Colour. As a final fling, here’s my gallery of garden reds from the last few years.

Life in Colour: RED   There will be a new shade over at Travel Words on Sunday.











42 thoughts on “Red-rospective ~ From Seasons Past

  1. Such a fabulous collection of reds especially enhanced by all those blue skies! Thanks for getting this last one in for me Tish. I wonder what you will find for this month, I suspect I know one photo that might get posted.

    1. It’s a pigeon in the crab apple tree, but caught in an early morning light so it looks much finer than its usual common or garden self (they are so numerous they are verging on the verminous category). The crab apples are deceiving too. They look like perfect sweet fruits, but I’m guessing they’re v. tart. Just shows – looks can lead one down all sorts of blind alleys 🙂

      1. I wish I could get into gardening, Tish, because I’m sure it’s a great balm for the soul. Due to neglect mine is really a bit of a mess these days, although being green and overgrown, it still has charms all of its own!

      2. Perhaps a single pleasing new plant might do the trick – no need to tackle the whole – just make a space or even use a large container – e.g. for a small crab apple tree perhaps. Here’s one e.g.

        And here’s a dwarf variety:

        The one we have on the back fence is Evereste, and just now covered with masses of tiny perfect apples. The blossom is gorgeous. It’s about 3 metres and we’ve had it aound 14 years, though we did move it which might have slowed its growth.

        And while you’re making a small space for it you could put in some bulbs. Tete a tete daffs are always jolly. Or a few clumps or several of snowdrops.

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