Bridge Over The River Teme


Dinham Bridge in the Shropshire market town of Ludlow is not as old as looks suggest. It was built in 1823 and is sometimes attributed to Thomas Telford, who in earlier decades had been Shropshire’s Surveyor of Public Works. But it seems unlikely that this is one of his bridges; around this time and for several years before he was most often to be found far away in his Scottish homeland, very much taken up with the mammoth enterprise that was the construction of the 60 mile-long Caledonian Canal.

On the other hand, Ludlow Castle, seen here above the bridge, is every bit as old as it looks – over a thousand years old in fact. Work began on the hillside promontory in 1075 and continued over the next hundred years. It was a key defensive position aimed at keeping the nearby rebelling Welsh suitably subdued. The town grew up below its walls from the 12th century onwards, all laid out in the manner typical medieval town planning.

Meanwhile the castle continued to play its part – in the Wars of the Roses, and the English Civil War. It was also the place where, Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales and Henry VIII’s older brother died in 1502, a circumstance that later had much to answer for. In the November of the preceding year, Arthur and his new bride, Catherine of Aragon, had gone to Ludlow Castle for their honeymoon. They were both 15 years old, and had been betrothed since infancy. You can read more of that story in an earlier post Honeymoon Destination Anyone?

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: bridges

25 thoughts on “Bridge Over The River Teme

    1. You’re right, Sue. You don’t get any sense of the ‘sprawl’ of the outer wall. And once you’re inside you tend to see only the ruins of the once inhabited parts.

    1. Many thanks, Sarah. I think the light must have been just right at that moment. I also think I must have had my little Lumix Panasonic at the time and took two versions – one colour, one in ‘dynamic monochrome;, a setting I greatly loved and miss on my current Canon.

      1. I’m a big fan of Lumix cameras. I have both a point and shoot one, and a bigger bridge Lumix, which is my main camera. Both have that setting and I use it from time to time, although these days I tend to prefer to take a colour shot and edit it later with Silver Efex, as that way I have both versions. However sometimes I do as you describe and take two versions of the shot on the spot, for comparison.

        Anyway, however you achieved it, this is a super B&W shot!

  1. What a smashing image. The castle, wherever we find them, is such an integral part of European history.
    I used to do band practice at Chester castle when I was in the scouts! Now that was a while back!

      1. Indeed not. And we still have the robber barons alive and well and preying on us plebs. The thing now though, most of us seem not to have twigged. And so we indulge them by incarcerating ourselves. It’s the NEW us. Oh dear. No key!

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