Pose Perfect


This week Lisa at Our Eyes Open  asks to see photos of birds we love. To be honest pheasants are  not a favourite, though their plumage is certainly magnificent. What I love about this pheasant is that he stopped to pose by the Sweet William. It shows him off so very nicely, don’t you think. After that I wasn’t too keen on him, and reverted to grumpy gardener mode. The photo was taken near my allotment plot and I didn’t need him nibbling and pecking among my veggies.

Bird Weekly

24 thoughts on “Pose Perfect

  1. He’d have done better had he moved to the right where the red flowers match his plumage perfectly, The pink ones clash somewhat, but then maybe he is colour blind!

  2. Pheasants are beautiful, but dumber than rocks. They will stop and pose for you while you have a rifle in hand and stand there looking cute. Boy are they lucky I only shoot paper targets. They ARE beautiful, though. Still dumb as rocks.

    1. You’re right about ‘dumb as rocks’. I once lived on a lordly domain, and one of the old timers there regaled me with his account of the daftness of pheasants – how they flew into the high walls of his lordship’s walled kitchen garden and killed themselves, and all without provocation.

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