Life In Colour: Yellow


The wayward Polar Vortex has apparently been behind the recent frigid weather events in the northern hemisphere. But at last there’s been a shift in the UK: from locked-down locked-in C minuses to double-figure plus. Even so, it’s hardly warm and the garden, though defrosted, looks as if it’s been shot-blasted. And so to encourage it and me into thoughts of spring, I’m posting this very exuberant sunflower. Soon be time to sow some seeds for this year’s crop.

In the meantime I’m wondering if the Dyer’s Chamomile in the guerrilla garden over the garden fence will have survived the cold. It made such a show a couple of years ago, though I remember when I sowed it, the packet described it as a short-lived perennial. I’m thinking a fresh sowing won’t hurt. There are times when you can’t have too much yellow.



Over the garden fence: Dyer’s Chamomile and Townsend Meadow under wheat


Life in Colour: Yellow

23 thoughts on “Life In Colour: Yellow

  1. Ooh, I do like the Dyer’s Chamomile. Must see if I can find some. I think my purple osteospermum has bitten the dust, it is very black and now very soggy. It’s supposed to be hardy, but obviously not hardy enough! I will cut it right back and see if the roots are unaffected, otherwise a space for something new – maybe the chamomile!

      1. Not really…I live in a cold older house. Better than being out side but not much. LOL
        I have been listening to a blog post about the situation in your old hunting grounds in Africa. Kinda troubling .. ..they seem to have DUMBs too. God help us .

  2. Flowers in winter is a big YES. The hubs buys alstroemerias every Friday and is saving the seeds in hopes we can plant them in spring. Apparently, they grow so abundantly they are weeds in Peru.

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