Bringing Up The Rear ~ That Would Be Me


Walled Garden, Attingham Park


He who lives my house has a habit of walking into my shots so I have quite a file of Graham-from-behind photos. I rather like this one though, mainly because the truncated wintery view of the walled garden probably wouldn’t have added up to much if he hadn’t stopped for a moment’s contemplation.

Here are some more ‘back’ views come upon during Farrell expeditions around Much Wenlock:


The path from Wenlock Edge behind the house



Field path to Bradley Farm



The lane behind Wenlock Priory



The Linden Walk with passing speed-walker



On Wenlock Edge looking towards Ironbridge Power Station



A ‘now what’s she doing look’ on the old railway line


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: the back of things

Square Perspective #24

45 thoughts on “Bringing Up The Rear ~ That Would Be Me

    1. Thank you for liking my silvery cast, Su. It seems to give monochrome a little lift. And as to man things, I think it probably is. Women like to meander and study things in context while chaps forge ahead on a mission; something to do with our old hunter-gatherer days I posit – naturally at the risk of sounding sexist.

      1. This morning it was He who was bringing up the rear. Mind you I was walking faster than usual because I’d just been bitten by a dog (mildly) and I was trying to come to terms with the assault. However I did get some wonderful shots of Him contemplating the ocean. I’m off to see what happens if I B&W them!

      2. Oh now that sounds v. promising. I love catching people watching the sea, and such scenes often work v. well in b & w. Sorry about the canine assault though.

  1. Don does that to me all the time! In almost all of these I think Graham adds to the shot, giving perspective, and a human feel that allows the viewer to imagine themselves there more easily.
    Lovely shots.

  2. Hi Tish, Happy Sunday to you! 🙂
    While reading your post and looking at your wonderful pictures, I had a thought, is the path behind the house the one you take to get to the allotment? Just kind of visualizing your journey to the allotment from home.

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