The Trail Of Tish ~ My Path To The Allotment


Here is a well worn path of my daily comings and going along the margins of Townsend Meadow. The visible sign: the trail of gardening not writing.

There’s an unofficial gap in the hedge beside the first ash tree, and that’s my way into the allotment. The farmer leaves a swath of uncultivated ground on two sides of the field to soak up rainstorm run-off before it hits the houses at the bottom of the hill. For a couple of years these abandoned areas were simply left to grow, hence the nose-high grasses still standing in winter. But last summer, just before the wheat harvest, the weedy  wilderness was mowed. Now the only signs of my passing  are muddy boot impressions among the fallen ash leaves – not quite so photogenic.

Black & White Sunday: SIGN  Paula says to interpret this prompt any way we like.

25 thoughts on “The Trail Of Tish ~ My Path To The Allotment

    1. BTW. How are things at your end of the planet, Ark. Am feeling chat-deprived from your quarter – both our minds otherwise engaged I guess. Anyway, hope you’re having a good weekend.

      1. Sorry, Tish, things are a bit rough at the moment.
        Don’t want to spill on your blog but if you pop over to Kate’s ( roughseas) spot you’ll catch the drift from my interaction with her…

  1. 😀 it took me a few seconds to understand Ark 😀 I like this interpretation, Tish. It is an intimate look into your daily comings and goings. Thank you.

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