Delicacy In Decay ~ The Doorstep Amaryllis


In April’s Changing Seasons post I featured the amaryllis that was part of a neighbourly doorstep plant swap. It was a single bud when I acquired it, but over the following couple of weeks the bud opened into four flowers which bloomed and then drooped in picturesque tones, their texture suggesting fine raw silk. I’m thinking Sue at WordsVisual will quite like these.



Lens-Artists: Delicate Colours This week Ann-Christine asks us to show her some delicate colours.

53 thoughts on “Delicacy In Decay ~ The Doorstep Amaryllis

      1. If I knew how to send a picture I would let you in on it . I’ll try to blog about it and send you the link. I haven’t used the new page setup so ??

    1. I think this may depend on how well I look after the bulbs. But in theory the plants’ leaves should die back and the bulb become dormant. It has a couple of smaller bulbs too. I must catch up with the original owner for some advice. I’m not usually very kind to house plants.

  1. We knew she would! 🙂 🙂 Love the veins and details you’ve captured. They’re a bit big and blousy sometimes but a lovely cheery thing in the winter.

  2. Love it, Tish – you have captured its delicacy in decay so nicely – veins and wrinkles. I have only one Amaryllis I have kept for years, and it rests in my glassed room outdoors – and then comes back with another bloom in the autumn. So Christmas and July/August. But that may be just me, it is the only Amaryllis I have managed through winters here.

    1. PS you should join us (Sue, Debbie, Margaret, me and Jo) one Saturday for our afternoon tea chats. Got a goat joining us this Saturday!

      1. Enjoy the visit . . and if you are ever free on a lockdown Saturday afternoon around 3pm let us know. You’d always be very welcome even if you can only stay a few minutes.

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