Over The Garden Fence In All Seasons ~ Harvesting The Light


Our cottage at the back looks out over Townsend Meadow and beyond it, to the sky over Wenlock Edge. It is a westerly view so every day of the year we have a sundowner light show. Obviously some days the spectacles are more striking than others, but the sky over the Edge is always worthy of a good long ponder.  We do much pondering here on Sheinton Street on the vestige shores of the Silurian Sea (circa 400 million years ago), when it was somewhere else entirely. Probably a little north of the Comoros Islands in what is now the Indian Ocean. A thought worth embracing. Or at least a prowl around its peripheries.


P1070087 - Copy (2)






I’ve posted these archive shots in response to Jude’s this week’s light challenge over at Travel Words:

“This week’s assignment – Use strong backlighting (i.e. shooting towards the light source, but do not look directly at the sun) to create a contre-jour image where the subject becomes a silhouette, OR shoot the light through flowers or leaves creating a transparent effect.”


2020 Photo Challenge: Light

35 thoughts on “Over The Garden Fence In All Seasons ~ Harvesting The Light

  1. All wonderful shots Tish, the silhouettes are fab. I love the tractor and trailer in the first photo and the blackbird (?) with the berries – that’s quite Oriental. Thanks for sharing these 😁

  2. Great subject matter, Tish! Love that opener and somewhere in the archives I have a reminiscent shot of that last one, from Madeira 🤗💕💕

      1. So far so good, thank you Tish. (And irritated with the world at large too). (Hopefully this crisis will bring forth radical changes… ✌️

      2. Fingers crossed on the radical changes, Brian. Things are looking a touch hairy in US and UK at the moment – George Floyd murder on top of lockdown unrest. ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests rolling out here too – even as I write this, outside the US embassy in London. This on top of the Cummings debacle. The Sun (1 June) newspaper has the Black Lives Matter footage.

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