Hurrah For The Talyllyn Railway Men!


A couple of summers ago we had a perfectly batty day out on the Talyllyn Railway, the world’s oldest preserved steam railway. The line runs from the mid-Wales seaside town of Tywyn up into the hills to the old Nant Gwernol slate quarry – the shifting of slate being the original reason for the line’s existence. You can see the full colour account of that trip at: Partners in steam on the Talyllyn Railway – Woo-Hooooo. But as Cee’s Black White Challenge this week in all about ‘heads’ and ‘features’, I thought I’d celebrate the Talyllyn’s enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers with a little photo gallery of those we met that day. A pleasure to travel with you, good sirs.






Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: heads or facial features

37 thoughts on “Hurrah For The Talyllyn Railway Men!

  1. This is wonderful – fabulous portraits. I wonder what will happen in the next 15 to 20 years, will there be a new generation coming up to take their places?

    1. Oh I think there are plenty of willing lads and lasses doing stuff at Talyllyn. [The Thomas the Tank Engine generations :)] We were at a big steam open day there last year – not on the train. But there seemed to be few young engineers manning the locos.

  2. Great shots. Wasm’t there a song about “Never marry a railroad man”?
    (Been thinking of you. Just started to digitize my mother’s old 8 and super 8 mm movies. A daunting task. Just finished the first Kenya movie…I’ll share when I have more)
    Kwaheri sassa Memsahib.

    1. A vintage Kenya movie – can’t wait to see it . Not sure about not marrying railway men. My other half always jokes that I was born on a steam engine footplate, due my place of birth being Crewe – which has/had? the UK’s largest junction thus being the hub of England’s railway universe. I have to say i my defence, I was not born on Crewe station, though possibly quite nearby.

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