Damascus walks, April 26-28, Stores Re-Opened, Life in Streets

Normal life NOW in Syria’s Damascus as filmed by Eva Bartlett, one of the very few western journalists who has been regularly travelling to and around Syria for the past few years:

In Gaza

During my hours-long daily walks all around Damascus, I’ve been delighted to note (as always) the calm and people interacting as normal on the streets, but also the re-opening of stores. That started over a week ago, with shops (non-essential) re-opening on alternate days. As of some days ago, they are allowed to open daily till 5 pm.

The government continues to find ways to both take precautions and help people survive economically.

For my thoughts on Syria’s dealing with C19, see this post

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14 thoughts on “Damascus walks, April 26-28, Stores Re-Opened, Life in Streets

  1. Will have a read this evening on my laptop. Restaurants reopen here at 50 % capacity from 18th May. Beaches not till 1st June. πŸ™„πŸ’•

    1. Lots of cheery street videos from Eva. Good hear restrictions are easy with you, though do not understand closing beaches. The virus is supposed to die in minutes when confronted with sunshine. And everyone needs the Vit D.

  2. Here, restaurant were allowed to reopen but it seems the conditions set for them has seen many not reopening. Maybe it will be different next week.
    Greetings Tish and have a good weekend ahead

    1. Warmest greetings to you, Mak. I think we’re a long way off having restaurants open. A few places round us have kept going doing take-aways. An Irish doctor recently described continued lockdown as ‘non-evidenced based insanity’.

      1. Yes, me too. Can’t imagine being shut up in one of the UK’s many mighty tower blocks. Yet recent polls suggest vast majority of UK people – 83% – want more lockdown. I don’t know who is being asked or how valid these stats are sample-wise (which could also be said of the virus). But it’s worrying. Some people are not going to want to come out even when they can.

      2. 83%! That’s high. It would be interesting to know who those are.
        Here for example, the governor of Msa has been campaigning for a total lock-down of Msa & I keep wondering will he feed the casuals

      3. Now politicians have learned this new strategy I am sure they will be anxious to deploy it for all manner of reasons. The virus seems to travel rather well on plastic, so that would be a challenge – locking down on that. It also likely means it is well among us and has been for some time. CDC US graph for varying nations shows infection spike on the fall and following the same curve for all countries no matter what strategies they deployed. Taiwan seems to have done pretty darn well considering proximity and large workforce that was in China (400,000) – 6 deaths and under 400 cases. They apparently give the quarantined a stipend while at home, and food parcels delivered by community leaders. Also keep tabs on anyone who breaks quarantine. They are not members of WHO.

      4. Crafty politicians have been given a tool to use to various nefarious ends. If you are losing an election, declare a health emergency. Parliament need not ratify. Just get the minister of health to agree

    1. I think that’s probably just a tiny bit of an understatement πŸ™‚ No members of the mainstream media ever go to the places they tell us the worst tales about.

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