‘Polarised’ ~ Today’s Skylight View


This morning the radio weather commentary described our English temperatures as ‘polar’. It surely feels like it – and that’s inside the house. For despite the existence of central heating and the recent consumption of a good hot mug of coffee, I am wearing mittens as I type this.

And since it is far too cold to go outdoors I cunningly combined Jude’s ‘patterns challenge’ which asks us to look at the subject from different perspectives, and combined near and far subjects – snow on the bedroom window and next door’s garden ash tree – all in one shot. The abstracted result rather reflects my abstracted mindset at present.


Please visit Jude for lots of inspiring ways to look at your photo subjects.

46 thoughts on “‘Polarised’ ~ Today’s Skylight View

  1. This is a fabulous pattern Tish. I know what you mean about frigid weather, we have had all sorts thrown at us except snow. And now storm Dennis threatening us at the weekend! Whatever next? A plague of locusts?

    1. Yep, the ongoing wetness has been the main bugbear. And we have more sleet and rain and wind here this week; but maybe some sun next week. The one daffodil already flowering in the garden has been mightily battered. It came out too soon.

    1. A perishing wind is the main problem at the moment. Three vests, a sweater, fleecy pants, scarf, woolly hat, and a padded parka couldn’t keep it at bay when I finally steeled myself to pop up to the allotment. Brrrr and double brrrrr.

  2. Terrific photo, but we await your return to your allotment where hopefully there wasn’t too much damage, and to your tours of the English countryside. Stay warm.

    1. I’ve just been to give the allotment the once over after the storm. And track down blown away compost bin lids, this despite being weighted with bricks. Otherwise all AOK. Still some veg up there despite the wind and deluge, but yes, I’m looking forward to spring – seed packets at the ready…

  3. It is a beautiful image Tish, but it does sound like your weather is particularly dire. I hope your spring arrives soon. We’re apparently officially in drought now — though the cracks in the ground have been telling me that for a while.

  4. That is an inspirational and inspired photo to interpret Jude’s challenge. A beautiful abstract pattern Tish. But gives me the shivers thinking of your weather. The world is going crazy

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