‘Once In A Blue Moon’ ~ Yesterday At Twilight


Late afternoon yesterday, I happened to look out of the bedroom skylight, and there was the moon in next door’s ash tree. And a planet too. Venus I think. A fine sight.



January Light #29 

Becky’s looking up at the night sky today too.

40 thoughts on “‘Once In A Blue Moon’ ~ Yesterday At Twilight

  1. Wonderful . . . I was out last night and followed the moon for most of the drive. had to keep reminding myself to look at road and not moon is was so lovely 🙂

  2. A pretty moon. (And yes, it must be Venus). Saw it too… Do you realize the moon is the only “common” thing people can see even miles and miles away form each other… (Well, there’s the sun, but doctors don’t recommend looking at it).
    ON another note, Brexit is now official… Saddens somewhat. I never thought the morons would pull that one out. Fare thee well, my English friends… (and relations, I do have a few cousins there)

    1. Your good wishes are much appreciated. The only sensible remark I’ve heard from a politician lately is from Macron. He suggests the whole Brexit fiasco suggests one clear thing – reform needed in the EU. I think even many of us remainers were saying as much. Who knows what we’re in for now, but the naive notion that we have somehow reclaimed our sovereignty etc etc is bonkers.

      1. “Sovereignty” is just another buzz word that politicos everywhere use as a flag for naive electors…
        Let’s see if Macron does something. Merkel is so glued to her seat that nothing can be done in the EU for the time being…
        We shall see. Have a nice Sunday Memsahib…

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