How About Some Spanish Sunlight On Toast?


It’s not something I do often – once in a blue moon, or more especially as an antidote to four months without much sunshine. But then the Seville oranges had arrived at Entertaining Elephants, sister Jo’s scrumptious shop. So it had to be done – a spot of marmalade making.

There’s no doubting it’s a faff – all that separating of orange innards into a muslin bag. (I found a desert spoon speeded up operations). Then the fine chopping and slow simmer of peel. But oh, the scent of warm orange that filled the cottage, and then the satisfying row of glowing jars. So then I thought I’d take a photo, and as I was cropping and squaring it, it occurred to me that it had a Rothko-esque quality had that fine artist ever thought to pursue the diagonal or ponder on the joys of marmalade making.

By the way, it tastes delicious too. But in the absence of a tasting, may the marmalade light be with you.

copyright 2020 Tish Farrell

January Light #27

38 thoughts on “How About Some Spanish Sunlight On Toast?

      1. Yes, I also did a mix and match a year or so ago.
        We eat very little marmalade or jam so the motivation to make it is somewhat …. ”I’ll do it next week”. And you know how that goes, right?

      2. We’re not a jammy lot either. But with our wet and soggy weather, toast with a little something seems endlessly tempting. And then the neighbours will be getting some too so we don’t have to eat all of it.

  1. MrB would love some . . unfortunately whilst i love the colour and the thought of eating sunlight it is one of those jams I just get can’t my head around. Guess I am missing out!

    1. Ah, well. You’ve sat there in my kitchen, pretty much on a gloomy old day like today. And so now that you’ve dropped by, it makes this post all the better. Marmalade light AND Bill.

      1. Exactly! My thinking too. Though that day was sunny as I recall. Must be really pretty with the light coming through those jars.

      1. The cake plays a big part of the series. Jan Karon was the’ writer in residence’ for Victoria Mag. years ago and every one kept asking for the recipe. There wasn’t one …until Victoria ask Edna Lewis and one other to come up with a recipe for Orange Marmalade cake. The rest is history.

  2. Faff is exactly the right word, but homemade marmalade is such a treat. We’ve just run out of my last batch, but there’s no fruit on our citrus trees at the moment so plum jam will have to do for a few months. Flavoured with a little cardamom, and much less fiddly to make.

  3. Watching baby flamingos by the score, courtesy of David Dimbleby. I’d love to be eating toast with your marmalade while I do so, Tish. Bottled sunshine! What could be finer? 🙂 🙂

    1. Lemon curd is wonderful too. I’ve never tried it with lime. Nor green grape jelly – which instantly makes me think of summer and light and airy pastries to go with it.

  4. Mmm, that does look rather tasty. I made marmalade many years ago, but decided that it was just easier to buy it! The only other thing I have mad is bramble (blackberry) jelly using my mother’s recipe. My mother made the best ever bramble jelly and I was pleased when mine came a close second to it. 🙂

      1. It is my absolute favourite jam. In the absence of my mum’s homemade (or mine at a pinch) the best shop bought one I can find is Bonne Maman, but it seems only to be readily available in France. I can get other Bonne Maman varieties here, but not bramble.

  5. Oh my! I love that image and tastes it evokes: sunlight on toast! I have participated in jam-making previously and found all that fine-chopping extremely taxing – more power to you! You have sunlight to enjoy for months now!

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