Of Winter Past ~ Windmill Hill 2017


Some forecasters are telling us to look out, bad weather is on the way, and especially come UK election day on the 12th December. I’m hoping they’ll be wrong. Meanwhile, and in response to Tina’s cold  theme @Lens-Artists, here are views around Wenlock taken in early December two years ago. It had its scenic moments, but caught us out too. We’ve grown rather used to mild, wet winters. The header photo was taken in a bit of blizzard, as was the next photo on the Linden Walk.



But there were ‘Christmas Card’ vistas too – and especially out in the Wenlock Priory parkland:




And all was very quiet around the town:


And along the old railway line:


Lens-Artists: Cold

54 thoughts on “Of Winter Past ~ Windmill Hill 2017

  1. oh you have some nice gems in the archives = hope this December is not too harsh – and of the photos her e- my fav is that ending one – the framing. the hanging – and the glisten to the left

  2. Ah, you start out totally freeezzzzing, Tish, but finish in absolute wintery bliss! love them all, but favorites are the sheep and the Linden walk.

    1. Actually, we’re going to need waders here if the rain doesn’t stop. I am consequently completely ignoring your 30 degrees, cold beers and flipflops and thinking only of cocoa and woolly vests 😉

      1. Best plan!

        I’m not looking forward to dragging the Xmas tree from its place by the pool up to the stoep, especially in this heat.
        ‘Tis a perishing mission every year.

        Oh, the stress of it all.


      2. Oh pfphff. You just had to rub it in, and now I’m thinking of a ‘christmas tree’ we had in steamy Mombasa, standing outside the beach house door, bedecked with tinsel and sea shore trawlings and looking quite barmy. Ah, happy dreaming!

      3. Oh all right. You got me, Ark. Consider yourself de-pfphffed. Anyway, it’s stopped raining now. Time to squelch over the field. before it goes dark. Am currently mulching the strawberry bed with scavenged chippings, one bag at a time.

    1. It’s good to know that the first photo struck a chord with you, Janet. There’s a lot going on there somehow – something that the camera happened to capture. All the more interesting since there was scarcely much daylight when I took it.

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