Today In The Garden ~ Blue On Blue


One of the best things about a garden on several levels is that you get to see plants  from unexpected view points. Here’s Rozanne busy flowering her socks off. She’s on top of the wall that holds up the bank behind the house, well above my head height,  and will be flowering now until the first frosts. The almost black foliage in the corner is Cotinus aka Smoke Bush or Smoke Tree. When it flowers it is a mass of feathery creamy-pink plumes.

July Squares #4

37 thoughts on “Today In The Garden ~ Blue On Blue

    1. I think most of the heat is in London, but it’s pretty nice in Shropshire – sun without too much melting. So yes, probably pretty much like your neck of the woods just now.

    1. They are definitely handy trees for a bit of planting drama. Also the spiders love them in autumn – lots of webs incorporating the old flower spikes.

  1. Beautiful!! I love the idea of a plant that flowers all summer, especially one this pretty.
    When I googled it to see about growing it in Canada, I got multiple links about growing your own marijuana. I think this may take more research 😉

  2. Always wanted a smoke tree. If we could get someone to come and cut down the trees in front of the house, we’d actually have ROOM for one … and the sun to grow something! It can be really hard to get people to cut down the trees. They always say they want the wood, but then they don’t show up!

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