Growing Thoughts

April and sowing and growing are very much on this English gardener’s mind. So far it’s been too cold to think of putting much in the ground, but impatience inevitably triumphs over common sense. In the last few days I have given in to inclinations to plant some first early potatoes. I’m trying a new technique as suggested by TV gardener Monty Don, growing them in a raised bed, and popped into a deep layer of compost a foot or so apart. But after I’d done it, I grew worried about the poor little tubers being subjected to Siberian icy blasts, and covered the bed in horticultural fleece. Now it’s down to ‘wait and see’.

Otherwise, it’s been mostly ‘housekeeping’ chores at the allotment: the first mowing of paths, turning compost heaps, edging beds, putting up climbing bean and pea canes, weeding, sowing stuff in the polytunnel. And dreaming of delicious produce to come.

Here are some crops I grew earlier, and all eaten long ago:

And of course the allotment plots don’t feed only us humans. Most of the gardeners grow flowers too – i.e. besides the flowering fruit and vegetables. And there are always plenty of flowering weeds on the abandoned plots, and so therefore lots to keep the bees, bugs and butterflies well fed. Deliciousness all round then.

copyright 2019 Tish Farrell


Lens-Artists: delicious

This week Patti at #Lens-Artists asks us to show her ‘delicious’.

45 thoughts on “Growing Thoughts

  1. It must be very rewarding to see them growing so well. I used to grow veggies in raised beds (I had three).
    Love these beautiful flowers, butterfly… captures.
    Thanks for sharing, Tish! 🙂

    1. Many thanks, Michelle. And you’ve stopped me grumbling about our weather – at least we don’t have a load of snow. Chin up – your side of the pond 🙂

  2. It is always best to grow enough for Nature too.It is coming…Spring that is …just taking her sweet time. We are back down to 39 degrees tomorrow morning. Ugh!

  3. Hi, Tish. What a perfect choice for “delicious.” You make me wish I had a garden again! Your photos are marvelous. May the gods of the harvest watch over your crops this year! I hope you have a wonderful season of growing and harvesting.

  4. These photos make me happy and hungry, Tish. (Those in the first section, at least.) The ones in teh second section make me happy but not hungry. 🙂

    We just got a huge amount of wet, heavy snow. Sigh. Spring on hold for a few moments.


    1. Thanks, Debbie. It’s become a bit of an obsession, my allotment empire. But yes, it’s good to have so much fresh produce. Even through the winter there’s usually something to pick.

  5. What a wonderful still life that first image is. And I love seeing productive gardens. My deck garden at the moment contains one dead lettuce (my first attempt to buy seedlings rather than depend on gifts from Joe); two spindly misuna plants; and one struggling mint plant (whose mint ever struggles??) I’m not even envious of your luxuriance: I relish it

  6. Thriving garden, Tish, in your hands. Love, love all the berries…long for them to come. Last year everything was lost in the drought. Tempting shots!

  7. I’d love to pop by for some early spuds, Tish 🙂 🙂 Damp here today so I’ve been busy as a beaver. Well, sort of, apart from watching tennis and trying to get caught up around here. Off out for drinks and supper soon 🙂

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