Look Out! The Wood’s On Fire


For one reason and several it was nearly 6 pm by the time I headed to the allotment yesterday. It had been a perfect day, an almost summer day, and I was sorry I’d not gone gardening sooner. There were, after all, the first early spuds and onion sets to plant, and parsnips and peas to sow, and several other jobs to be done. When I did finally get myself there, the sunset was so brilliant, I took to snapping scenes like this instead of doing what I’d meant to do. The rooks watched me from their gathering points on the powerlines, and even let me take their photo. Otherwise, I had the allotment entirely to myself, and there was that deep sense of the plots settling down for the night, free of their gardeners’ interventions.


I did make it to the polytunnel eventually. And in the remaining half-light planted out some lettuce seedlings in one of the raised beds. Then sowed some Early Onward peas in pots, since sowing them in the ground only seems to feed the mice. I also decided it was time the sprouted Aqua Dulce broad beans, likewise sown in mouse-avoiding trays, should go outside on the potting bench under some fleece before they grew to used to the warmth in the tunnel. And I had just stepped out of the polytunnel to fill my watering cans, when I saw this:


A moon in the pink, and the rooks flying over it. And I thought it probably was time to go home. And so a few photos later, I set off across the darkening plots, scrambled through the gap in field hedge into Townsend Meadow, again beheld the moon in picture book mode, this time over the Priory ruins, and thought how good it was to be alive, and that this was my first ‘home from the plot by moonlight’ of 2019.

copyright 2019 Tish Farrell

Spiky Squares #21

34 thoughts on “Look Out! The Wood’s On Fire

  1. I have wondered before if something was on fire only to know it was just a beautiful sunset. Just takes our breath away.. The photo of moon and rooks is lovely

    1. It put in its best show here last night. Though it was astonishing to see it floating in candyfloss clouds in one direction, and the sunset in the wood in the other.

  2. Garry came out in the middle of the night to point out that we had a full moon. Of course, I had to take a few pictures. He didn’t realize it was hazy and lightly drizzling outside. I took some interesting pictures. but this lens isn’t good for night shooting. Not fast enough. I hoped it would be clearer tonight and I could use a different camera and a faster lens, but it’s grayer today and likely to be raining tonight. This is the full moon of worms, I suppose because it is the dawning of spring. Mostly, it’s cold, muddy, and wet.

    I love your big crows huddling around you like the shadows of former lives. they are birds of shadow.

    1. Birds of shadow – I love that description. We have clouds too, so no second shots here either. But at least we the temp feels more like spring, and less wet.

  3. It’s no wonder you were distracted, such a wonderful time of the evening, especially with the amazing sky & busy Rooks! A stunning start to Spring, we were so lucky, definitely worth capturing a little of it!

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