Beneath The Sheltering Thorns

IMG_0013 zebra taita

Our almost-spring has reverted to winteriness today, so it’s back to the old Africa album for Square 22 and a bit of midday heat. Am imagining too the smell of the bush –  spicy sundried grasses and hot peppery earth – and in my head the seamless kroo-krooing of doves. And because it has amused me ever since I heard it from a tipsy guide in Zambia, I make no apologies for repeating it again here: when it comes to zebras’ butticles, he told us, each has its own unique set of stripes. He further suggested that this was how the offspring recognised their mothers. I have no idea if this is true, but am happy to go along with it if only for the butticles, since they sound more decorous than buttocks and so have remained discriptor of choice in the Farrell household when referring to that particular part of the anatomy. And anyway, zebras do sport such very handsome ones.

Spiky Squares #22

22 thoughts on “Beneath The Sheltering Thorns

  1. Bee keepers often paint a different color on each hive so the bees know which is theirs. I saw the other day of a sea otter baby that got lost and the founders took her back out to the sea and she called and her mother swam to her. Nature is amazing.

  2. “Butticles” is brilliant. I love how chance discoveries of words or phrases lead to them becoming part of a family’s unique vocabulary. Kids are a great source of these, but tipsy guides are definitely to be commended too.
    Hope Spring returns forthwith.

  3. Do you know that butticle is a combination of butt and barnacle meaning a really annoying person who just won’t go away? 🤣 Nevertheless, I like your use of it . Those zebra definitely qualify. Hope your weather soon dewintrifies.

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