Today The Weather Feels Like This


Country lore has it that if March comes in like a lion it will leave like a lamb. Well roll on flocks of little ovine entities. As I write this, the wind is roaring up over the Edge, and blowing right through the house even though all the windows are shut. And IT IS ICY. And outside,  it is blow-you-over gale force across the field with intermittent fierce rain squalls. Yet the BBC weather people claim that here in our corner of Shropshire we are currently having ‘sunny intervals with a fresh breeze’. In support of this contention, they have staked out their hourly weather map with a row of sunny-cloud icons. It’s a sign of the times of course. You can no longer trust a single mediated report, not matter how supposedly trustworthy the source. Wear more vests, that’s my advice. And balaclavas.

Photo: Bin bag and barbed wire, St Bride’s Bay, Pembroke, March 2018

Spiky Square #9

Six Word Saturday

36 thoughts on “Today The Weather Feels Like This

  1. hah ha! We gave the same “breeze” here – well, maybe a bit calmer, but there is some gorgeous sun occasionally.
    I’m hoping for those ovines too, Tish. Though they may not be allowed through passport control at the end of the month!

  2. While the weather seems barmy up your way it is still quite balmy down here.
    Warm enough that I can still plant a few late summer seeds as well as a few early autumnal plantings.

    1. Glad somewhere has some gentle weather. When I did finally squelch my way up to allotment, I was a bit surprised to find, that despite the gale, it wasn’t really cold and I was overheating in all the woollies. Curiouser and curiouser.

  3. Every time we come back the weather worsens, last year beast from the east, this year a roaring March, thank goodness we’re heading back to Portugal a week today!

    1. Ah well. It’s nice to think of you lazing happily. Here torrential rain in the night caused a light socket in the conservatory to fuse the whole house. G spent hours this a.m. trying to locate the source of the problem. Functioning again now. Hopefully.

  4. Same here in North East Wales, Tish. I got up at 5am and it was snowing! Later the sun came out and the snow is melting. Gale force winds and hail storms are about to hit us in the next few minutes if you believe the BBC.

  5. this made me smile 🙂 It’s the same here Tish – weather wise. I do not know why I still set store by the forecast – might as well look out of the window! I look forward to the lambs of March (after the Ides I presume)

    1. saw lots of lambs in the fields round Wolverhampton last weekend , but not spotted any Shropshire lambs yet. But yes, look out the window, far more reliable guide. Hoping you are faring well.

  6. Well, Friday they cancelled all the trains in Skane because of the warnings from the meteorologists – and there was no storm…missed out on a concert there…

    One more thing, Tish, I was just answering a comment you wrote to my Climate Change post – when everything disappeared! Your comment and my answer. I don’t know what happened! If possible, if you want to, could you write again so that I can answer??

    1. It might have gone into ‘trash’. That happens to me quite often when I hit an as yet an unindentified key on the keyboard while I’m replying to a comment. I’m suspecting it might be ‘t’.

    1. sea anchors, yes. I’m feeling these might have magical properties much like sky hooks. Thanks Widdershins. We have survived the blast. Less windy today, and some sunshine. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

      1. There’s a bit of snow in the forecast again. But I just saw some of the bulbs we’d thought we’d lost to the big freeze poking their noses out from under their covers to see what’s what, so it’s a good day! 😀

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