Crocus Love


Up at the allotment this morning it was full throttle crocus, and also this year’s first sighting of a honey bee which was paying them a visit. Sadly the bee is missing from this photo due to the malfunctioning state of the camera wielder who was in a bit of a dream due to the astonishing arrival of warm and dazzling sunshine.

In fact the day remained so perfect I returned to the allotment late this afternoon to do some actual work. Nothing like a bit of twilight gardening with only foraging blackbirds for company. The sky over the town was rose pink, and all was quiet on the allotment plots. When I opened up the polytunnel it was pleasantly warm inside. I sowed some spinach seeds in one of the corner beds, broad beans in modular trays (Super Aquadulce, and Masterpiece Green Longpod) and a few handfuls of Early Onward peas in two metre lengths of plastic guttering (a method that makes for speedy transplanting).

And then as the fine weather had done a good job drying up the allotment’s general sogginess, I thought it would be a good moment to fetch some soil from the old compost heap which some of us have been recycling over the last three years. In the last of the daylight I managed two barrow loads of nice crumbly soil, just enough to top dress a raised bed. And then, as it really was growing dark, I put away grandfather’s spade and walked home across Townsend Meadow under a bright half moon, serenaded by blackbirds singing their evening songs.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Love Not War

copyright 2019 Tish Farrell

39 thoughts on “Crocus Love

  1. We are bogged down in sogginess up to our knees,
    It’s rained so much it drowned the fleas …
    On cats and dogs and the chickens too,
    But at least it washed away their poo!

    Beautiful crocuses and a lovely photo.

    Happy Wellington’s Day to you, dear Tish!

    1. Blimey. That does sound wet. I knew they’ve been getting a lot in Zambia, the best rains in years. But it would be good (general benefits of flea banishing apart) if it didn’t come all at once. Happy puddle-bashing.

      1. It has rained on and off for the past ten days.
        We bought a new lawnmower a fortnight ago and have not yet had the opportunity to use it.
        This should give you some idea how much rain we’ve had!

  2. Be still my heart! Harbingers of spring indeed!! Here the warm temperatures of today (back into winter tomorrow) have melted all the lovely ice that was encasing everything. Now it’s back to wet and dreary, so your flowers were especially welcome. Thanks!


  3. Lovely signs of spring and I think late afternoon is the best time to enjoy the garden. Over here that is the coolest, sort of, time when I do the watering to the sound of kookaburras and lorikeets. I would love to hear the sweet sound of a blackbird again.

    1. These particular ones seem to have grown themselves outside what was a pigeon loft. They’re much smaller than the usual garden ones as if they’ve grown from lots of tiny corms. But as you say, lovely however they come.

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