How Now Brown (And Black) Cows…


One of the very best things about living in a rural town like Much Wenlock is that you can be setting off for the shops to buy ordinary stuff like a local newspaper or half a dozen eggs, and come upon small happenings of one sort or another. So here we are. As we slipped and slid down the muddy pathΒ  that brings you first to the Priory ruins, and thence to the town centre, we met up with a new batch of Highland Cattle recently ensconced in the Cutlins meadow. Teenage moos, I should think. Not fully grown anyway. They were certainly most curious, and so posed nicely to have their photos taken. Or at least two of them did. The third was too busy eating breakfast.


Yum! Lovely crunchy hay. So important to keep well stoked up in this cold snap.


Six Word Saturday Pop over to Debbie’s at Travel With Intent for some truly striking photos.

43 thoughts on “How Now Brown (And Black) Cows…

      1. Thank you. I did fine the general location. I’m putting together a world map and pinpointing all of my blog friends and the location of my sons deepwater rig so my grands can understand the world better. It is a big place but such a small world

      1. Well I never knew that! ……and the French lesson book my parent’s had contained such useful phrases as ‘our cows are bigger than yours’!! I have never forgotten that, because it was so ridiculous

      2. That is really rather bonkers, isn’t it. I’m trying to conjure the scene where one might dare to use that phrase. I think it might elicit the response: ‘La vache!’ which I believe is an expletive πŸ™‚

  1. So adorable with their long fringes. How on earth do they see where they’re going? They’re a bit like old English sheepdogs. My friend had one and it kept bumping into the furniture. πŸ™‚

  2. I would be doing a double take if I saw cows like this around here! Love the expression on the caramel-coloured cow on the left. She has β€˜diva’ written all over her face πŸ™‚

    1. Their coats are just amazing. And they do indeed always look in need of a bit of grooming, though I can’t imagine what kind of brush would get in amongst all those shaggy layers.

    1. Heavens, that would be a happening – if they grew horns that big, Mak. The biggest I’ve seen on a Highland moo is around half a metre (each side), and that’s impressive enough at clase quarters over the field fence. But thank you for setting me this somewhat unexpected ‘compare and contrast’ cattle horn exercise, and all before breakfast. Happy Sunday to you too πŸ™‚

  3. I love Highland Cattle. I feel I have an affinity with cows. Those big doleful eyes (if you can see them). They are so calming to spend time with. One day I would like a Jersey cow at the bottom of my garden.

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