61 thoughts on “Today On The Garden Wall ~ Iced Ivy

  1. That first shot is absolutely beautiful! In SoCal, I’m not familiar with hoarfrost, so this is very exciting to see! Thank you for sharing it!

      1. I’ll try blowing a little extra hard to see if I can send some warmth your way. It’s actually just starting to rain for the next 4 days, so maybe I should wait till that ends!

  2. Swish, Miss Tish!
    I see it was snowing a bit at Anfield, last night.
    I suppose I won’t win any friends if I tell you I am sitting in T shirt and shorts with the front door open.


  3. Gorgeous, Tish. ‘Fraid we have too much snow for anything like this and the parks have all been officially closed because of the very, very sub-zero temperatures. Yesterday I didn’t go out at all; today I hit the library and Aldi before relaxing with hot tea and books at home. πŸ™‚


      1. Perhaps we could arrange a flight for Air Force One from Chicago to Melbourne and then maybe their might be some appreciation for the reality of climate change in the extreme!

  4. There is something so appealing about frost rimed leaves and those ivy leaves are wonderful with the shape and the texture. No frost here and only a smattering of sleety snow. Can’t say I’m sad as I don’t want to lose any of my rather tender plants!

    1. It’s been v. cold in Shropshire these last few days, though set to warm up next week. I can’t believe how tenacious some plants are being. The hesperanthus still seems to be going – frosted or not.

  5. oh Tish – that iced Ivy almost seemed like something a craft store would sell for decor.
    I looked at it a few times and what a fun thing to capture with your camera. so nice….

      1. yes – that is funny about the holiday card on the mind – and it might be too soon to think of it formally – but at least start the options folder – ha

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