The Changing Seasons: January (Or Is It?)


There is more seasonal confusion to report this month. I continue to be astonished by this Dyer’s Chamomile, aka Golden Marguerite (Cota tinctoria). It’s growing in the guerrilla garden behind the back fence, and has been flowering for months. I’ve heard the plant described as ‘a hardy but weak perennial’ because it fizzles out after its second year. Well that’s as may be. This particular exemplar hasn’t reached its first birthday yet, but so far at least is looking remarkably resilient after Tuesday night’s snowfall. Nor is it alone. A tender trailing geranium that I had abandoned  in its garden pot at summer’s end has recently started to flower again. It didn’t seem to mind the snow either.


Admittedly it wasn’t much of a fall. By Wednesday morning it was already melting, and a quick wander round the garden now reveals many signs of spring. There are breaking leaf buds on the roses, flowering currant and honeysuckle; the columbines and centaurea are making vigorous new growth; bulbs are sprouting; hellebores flowering; along the lanes the snowdrops are out in force, and the winter wheat is greening all the fields around the town. Even the birds are singing spring songs. Will it all go horribly wrong one wonders? Better enjoy it while we may then, this summer-spring-winter.


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The Changing Seasons ~ January 2019  Please visit Su to join in this monthly challenge.

35 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons: January (Or Is It?)

  1. Your photos are lovely Tish. Strange but beautiful sights.
    Our January has been fairly normal so far — and now I’m worried that it will all go horribly wrong very soon.

  2. Lovely photos Tish. Here in Zambia it’s over 30C at midday, with people talking about the rainy season being “how it used to be”. The river is full and so fast flowing that the hippos and crocs have moved to the lagoons to avoid being washed downstream. The soil is so fecund that I have hay-fever from the pollen. I’ll send you a link to my Google photos if you’re interested.

    1. Just been looking at the fantastic photos. Many thanks for sending them over. Love the ele selfie. And that leopard. And well, just everything. Am also glad to hear someone is having their ideal weather. I can smell the soil.

  3. Lovely photographs! We too are getting very early leaf buds on the bushes, and winter pansies flourishing like it’s spring. It’s not so much that it’s warm as it’s very dry. One of the driest Vancouver winters I can remember. Who knows what the real spring will bring. I’m amazed by the flowers you’ve found blooming in January!

  4. I marvel at the thought of spring flowers starting to poke their heads out at this time of year. I can’t help but feel sorry for them, dressed in their pretty summer colours and then suffering another bout of winter chill. I hope their premature appearance won’t be fatal.

  5. Memories of my last Christmas in Chester,
    In fact, we received my parents annual xmas card this morning, depicting a snowy Eastgate Street Clock.
    (It was posted on the 9th December!)
    Good old SA postal (non) service
    Mid thirties over here for the past week or two, and the seasonal afternoon thunderstorms – you know all about them, of course!

    Love the Golden Marguerite shot – a beautiful composition..

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