December’s Changing Seasons ~ All Of Them Except Winter

This wintery looking hedge is on the lane to Downs Mill, though it was a mild afternoon when I took this photo, more like spring. The hazel catkins along the field path by the house have been thinking much the same, their tassels opening to the late December sun. Out in the garden the Dyer’s Chamomile (grown from seed last summer) is still flowering, as are pink and coral hesperanthus and hardy geraniums. None of them seem to have been bothered by the few mornings’ frost we had earlier in the month.

Otherwise, there have been a couple of gales, lots of murk with fog and too much rain, but also blue-sky days too, and so far little sign of winter as we once knew it. Up at the allotment the Swiss Chard is having yet another flush of juicy leaves and the pot marigolds have started to flower again, their petals adding a zing of colour to green salads. And in the fields all round the winter wheat is zooming up.


The Changing Seasons ~ December

16 thoughts on “December’s Changing Seasons ~ All Of Them Except Winter

  1. It certainly does look like spring in your corner of the world!

    The one thing that jumped out at me though was your comment about the petals of the marigold flower. You can put them in salads? I learn something new every day!

  2. Hard to believe these are winter photos Tish. But it must be so nice to have growth in the garden and allotment. I haven’t used marigolds either in food or medicine, but really must try growing some for salads.
    Wishing you a happy, productive and fulfilling year ahead. Thanks for being part of the Changing Seasons whanau.

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