Remembering December Colours In East Africa ~ Thursday’s Special


December is usually the time of the short rains in Kenya. I say usually because these days the tropics are especially affected by climate change so nothing is certain when it comes to weather. It is also the hottest time of the year, and in the upcountry regions, the season for planting. Here on Lamu Island (above) it is also tourist time, although the year we spent Christmas there it was scarcely crowded. Thisย  photo was taken on Christmas Eve as the sun was setting. There were about six other people on the beach. Earlier that day we had arrived in a sudden squall which made the dhow crossing to Lamu from the air field on Manda Island a touch exciting. We visitors all huddled under the awning while the stalwart captain kept us on course across a choppy, foggy strait.

Scan-130428-0024 - Copy


Most of our Christmases were spent on Tiwi beach south of Mombasa. Not a busy place either. Hereโ€™s the sunrise over the lagoon at Maweni one Christmas morning long ago.

sunrise on the reef


And some ageing views of the lagoon in head-on sunshine:



Thursdayโ€™s Special ~ please visit Paula to see her colour prompts. As you might conclude, they include aquamarine, cyan and golden.

46 thoughts on “Remembering December Colours In East Africa ~ Thursday’s Special

  1. I really love your Africa pictures and the stories that go with them. I always wanted to go to Africa, although oddly, Garry wasn’t really interested. HE wanted to go to Scotland and Ireland. Hot places are beautiful in the cold months!

      1. Exactly. Once when my well-travelled sister came to stay for Christmas and we went to Tiwi and were sitting on the beach, she asked in very serious if not perplexed tones if I thought it was real. I think it probably was a parallel universe.

  2. What a beautiful little adventure for the shortest day of the year! Thank you for sharing, Tish. Those colours are so lovely to see in complete contrast to all the warm colours of Christmas.

  3. Lovely images Tish. We have had incredible extremes of weather this past week down in South Africa. Not at all serene as in your past Christmases. All the best to you for this Christmas.

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