This Morning Over The garden Fence ~ Blue Sky And Crab Apples



This morning with the sun on their faces the crab apples seemed to glow like tiny lanterns. I’ve noticed that as the temperature drops so their colour deepens to a rosy gold. Not that they will last much longer. The blackbirds have been busy foraging. Better enjoy them while we can then.



Time Square #19

22 thoughts on “This Morning Over The garden Fence ~ Blue Sky And Crab Apples

    1. I don’t harvest these; since we moved the tree the individual fruits are very small. But I do harvest wild crab apples if I come across them. They make brilliant jelly.

  1. Positively glowing! And look at those fat buds in readiness for next year.
    p.s. I share my morning apple or pear with the blackbirds so they will miss their breakfasts as I now take a blog break. Happy Christmas Tish – back in 2019!

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