Contre-Jour ~ Catching The Moment


It was a blue-sky, blustery December morning on Angleseyโ€™s Newborough Beach. And then a big cloud blew over the sun: some brief seaside alchemy before the sun came out again.

Time Square #2 This month Becky wants to see us in the square; images connected with time – spot on, tenuous, devious, or ingenious – any approach is acceptable.

26 thoughts on “Contre-Jour ~ Catching The Moment

      1. About four years ago now, so many memories I get a bit sad now. Visited my aunties old house in Rhosneigr, converted into apartments, that was meant to be mine! So much has changed but the daughter wanted to see where her nan’s family lived. Showed her my grand parents grave in St Asaph cathedral, nice moment.

    1. Interesting you should pick up on that. That beach or the headland thereof was much favoured by very early Christian mystics, and before that the whole island was given over to druidic and ancient Celtic tendencies – perhaps drawn to the very particular lighting effects that seem to occur between the mainland mountains and the sea strait.

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