Still Time To Plant Tulip Bulbs…


…in the northern hemisphere that is. In fact UK gardening buffs say December is often the BEST time to plant them – before the real frosts, but after the temperatures have dropped. If planted in warm weather tulips can be prone to fungal diseases. But whenever you choose, they do need good drainage, and quite a deep planting hole. And they love the sun as they are plainly demonstrating here. So much to look forward to then from a pot filled with bulbs. And after yesterday’s monochrome studies of the field behind the house, I felt a blast of festive red was called for.

Time Square #1 For the month of December Becky’s set us the task of posting square photos on the topic of time, however we wish to interpret it. Please join in – as and when.

34 thoughts on “Still Time To Plant Tulip Bulbs…

    1. That’s brilliant if your tulips survive year to year. ours tend to split and go a bit weedy if left in the ground after flowering. But if you can find a variety that naturalises that’s brilliant. Blue poppy anemones sound lovely.

      1. If you have prolonged freezing periods, then I think they would need to be sheltered. In a porch say. Our winters are pretty mild these days, so pots can just be left out.

  1. Apparently you can plant them in pots at any time as it is only when planted in the ground that the virus appears – I guess most of us empty the pots each year.

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