Sundowner Bee At The Allotment Cafe


Can one post too many happy foraging bee shots? I’m thinking not. This particular bee was caught the other evening, enjoying the day’s final tuck-in on an allotment dahlia. I’d gone up there to pick runner beans, tomatoes and autumn raspberries, and to deliver a big bag of compost makings to one of my several heaps.

The dahlias in question have been grown by my plot neighbour Mark. He only grows  flowering plants – and with the sole objective of providing for insect life. Of course these late season blooms give everyone who comes to the allotment gardens a burst of pleasure. It’s as if they have captured the best essence of summer in their petals and want to share it with the world. Blooming lovely.


Lens-Artists #11  small is beautiful  Amy asks us to show her the little things that give us pleasure, however they strike us.

In the Pink #16

28 thoughts on “Sundowner Bee At The Allotment Cafe

  1. How wonderful to only grow flowers on the allotment. Attracting all those pollinators for you veggie growers. I love bees as you know, but the photo which stands out to me here is the second one, with that lovely glow.

  2. Stunning images of the dahlias, Tish! No, one can never enough photos of bees frequenting and feasting on flowers. Ours here in Canada are still visiting the sunflowers. Bumblebees even sleep on the them.

      1. And thank you Tish. It was great fun yesterday, and still going this morning! Almost there though so as of tomorrow I will be able to respond same day 🙂

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