Remembrance Of Things Pink In Koroni


I have no idea why other people’s washing is so fascinating to humankind; nor perhaps should one enquire too deeply into the rhyme and reason of it. In scenic foreign places (i.e. not at home) it does have a certain art-installation allure. So here’s some Greek washing you haven’t seen, and coming up is more Greek washing that was hung out to dry in an earlier post. I thought is was worth a second airing. A washing line with a view of the Taygetos and the Gulf of Messenia. How uplifting must be the daily act of pegging out. (Not metaphorically of course).


copyright 2018 Tish Farrell


Six Word Saturday

In the Pink #15

25 thoughts on “Remembrance Of Things Pink In Koroni

  1. The second shot is fabulous! Who doesn’t prefer hanging washing out in the breeze? It has that wonderful outdoors smell when you bring it in. I particularly like pegging out on days when I can hear (if not necessarily see) buzzards overhead.

  2. I think I actually said something similar in a previous post Tish. Why indeed are everyday chores so interesting when we travel?!?! I have a whole folder of laundry shots LOL. Loved yours 😊

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